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Friday, February 12, 2016
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 The English as a ministry of Second Language (ESL) was founded at the First Baptist Church, Shelby, when three ladies Cindy Canoy, Janet Tench, Lib Holleman) had a vision of how the Lord could use their gifts of teaching ESL to become a vehicle to share the good news of Jesus Christ. This desire was reinforced when he attended the Mission Conference literacy Camp Caraway and realized the great potential that could have these classes in sharing Christ with all of our international neighbors. This new Ministry was positively supported and encouraged by Pastor Tony Tench and the education minister, the Rev. Perry Holleman. Staff at the First Baptist Church Ministry agree that this would be consistent with the mission of a REAL first Baptist church. 

     The ESL program consists of an international team of any language group. Canoy Cindy serves as director and teacher, while Janet Tench, Lib Holleman served as teachers there. Each session consists of social interaction around refresh time, followed by the singing of scriptural songs, reciting chants verse Bible, a Bible story and hearing share prayer needs and prayer time together. The large group then divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced groups where students are taught English through a program based on dialogue. Students participate in role-plays, situational activities and use authentic materials to learn everyday conversational English. 
     Throughout the year, the group also has opportunities to eat together in various homes to celebrate the holidays, and an end of year celebration together where all students and their families to celebrate their hard work. Many members of the First Baptist Church join us to make these events possible!
The leaders of the Ministry of ESL often wonder for international students, "why are they doing this to us?" This question has a simple answer: "Love of Christ!" The Ministry of ESL has become a wonderful way to share the good news of Jesus Christ with all our neighbors in Cleveland County!

Come join us! 
(Come join us!)